Back from Vacation.. What is on my mind?

Lets see, what has happened that I need to talk about?

Well when I got home there was a story about some nutjob that shoved some kids onto the subway tracks.  Supposedly he shoved 3, one guy managed to keep his balance, the other 2 fell onto the tracks as a train was coming. One of them was aware enough to drag his buddy under the lip, which until this week i didn’t know existed, saving their lives. the less aware kid may have lost his leg I’m not sure , I heard the train clipped his foot and dragged him a little, but at least he is alive. So what happened to the nutjob well, people were running crazy out of the station(somewhere on the Bloor line i forget) and the man in the booth called police and paramedics then chased the nutjob down the street, knocking him down. I’ll tell ya one thing, that not something I expect from a public worker. You can be damn sure if it was Ottawa(if Ottawa had a subway) that the clerk manning the booth would be too busy bitching for higher wages. This man deserves a medal or something, otherwise this fuck would be out on the street, shoving old ladies into oncoming traffic.  So this brings me to the nutjob, supposedly he is not mentally sane.

It always seems that with these cases of public violence, the guy turns out to be mentally unstable, or some bullshit excuse to get off scot free. Its the same with the sickening greyhound bus killing in Manitoba last year. some fuck stabs 40 or so times then beheads a 20 year old or so kid on his way home.  The big question, how the Fudge does a busload of people manage to not do anything to save the guy after like 1 or 2 stabs. But i digress, turns out oh oh oh, the guy is mentally unstable he didn’t mean to do it, he just snapped. BULLSHIT. i must call bullshit, sure he is insane, but making it sound like a disease doesn’t help anybody. We know sane people don’t start stabbing at random. I’m sure the insane have every intention of doing exactly what they do, in their head they are doing something for a reason, if if they aren’t logical reasons.

My point is this, these “people” should be identified in grade school and castrated, then locked up in a care facility, hoped up on enough drugs to numb a horse.  I know that sounds cruel but keeping them somewhere safe where they can spend their days watching TV and playing scrabble is better then having them killing people. Someone figure out a way to profile them to 99% accuracy. That good enough for me.

Ok next topic.

Obamania. Well I missed it, I was out of town.  The One was here in Ottawa, and it seems the show went well.  He tried to not step on toes.  He proved he could play nice. Lets see if his actions back up his words. Will he support free trade, will he help improve relations between the 2 countries?  His idea for a modern power grid are good ones, we sure as hell need one going into the 21st century and maybe one better integrated between the 2 countries would have benefits. Now all this only works of course if we have a realistic energy policy, expand the use of nuclear and hydro power, improve and modernise refinement and processing for crude oil and gas, and so on and so on. It wouldn’t hurt to have a little more privatization/deregulation in this market. But knowing the crazy lefties they wont let anything good like that happen.  I was interested with Obama’s handling of the Afghan situation. He didn’t ask for anything he just sorta said, please keep us in mind, and be open to what i have to say.  Canadians have heard the message loud and clear. Afghanis  don’t want us over there, even if we are there to help civilians so, we asked to not be a part of it, and the government (for once) listened. Canada should have troops out of there by 2011.  Unless Obama says jump, and Canadians ask “ How many?” I have a feeling alot of Canadians would follow him to the planet Xenu, with Tom Cruise as the tour guide, if he asked with that pretty smile of his.  Parliament hill looked like that south park episode just after the election. “YEAH OBAMMMMMAAAAAAAAA!!!” with drunken lefties getting hammered in the streets.

Anyway, there is more to discuss but perhaps tomorrow.

Take care and remember…

Don’t pee on the E-Lec-Tric Fence!


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  1. I got to say that Harper might have seemed “nice”, but the obvious body language was confidence for the Prime Minister and a lack of confidence for “The One”. On CPAC, it looked like he was a little out of his league. Not surprising from a man who obviously has had his hands full with his own mess back home…

    What a pathetic man…

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