Bale is a Stand-up Guy.

Christian Bale has proven once again why he is my favourite actor.

After his F-bomb filled rant at director of photograph Shane Hurlbut, on the set of “Terminator Salvation” went public went public last week, Bale was the target of much critisism and parody.   Was it justified? Probably not, but it’s understandable to get mad.  So what did Bale do next, did he hide away or try to justify himself? No, he was a man about it and explained everything he felt and apologized for his actions on KROQ “Kevin and Bean Show” out of Los Angeles.

On being mocked Bale said:

“I deserve it completely,”


“It’s been a miserable week for me.”

“There is nobody that has heard that tape that is hit harder by it than me,”  “I make no excuses for it. It is inexcusable.”

He then goes on to give some context explaining:

“[I] was trying to show a little of that ‘in the blood’ craziness”

“And you know what? It went very wrong,”  “I got annoyed and then what happened, I made it ugly and that was awful of me,”   “I took it way too far and I completely mixed up fact and fiction. I’m half John Connor and half Christian there.”

So Bale, as he is known to do was merely method acting. That makes more sense now. Don’t believe me? Bale lost over 60 pounds to play his insomniac character in “The Machinist” He wanted to lose another 20 but the producers of the film were worried about his health and wouldn’t let him.  Then after shooting, this same 6 foot tall, 120 pound man showed up to audition for Batman Begins, and got the part.  On set his trailer was labelled “Bruce Wayne”. Also its said that while promoting Batman he used his adopted American accent in interviews, as to not deter (stupid) audience members from the film wondering why batman ,an American institution was being played by a Welshman. What does that say? It says the man is a workaholic who believes in his work.

In the interview Bale goes on to apologize, and then saying that he and Hurlbut made up on the same day and now everything is resolved.

So that’s my little take on it.  Even I had a laugh at his expense, but I still respect him, and he does deserve every ounce of it. Not everyone has the balls to apologize to the world and even sound a little foolish doing it.  I’m super excited now to see for the first time ever a human and real John Connor in “Salvation”, as opposed to the childish yet sorta well played version in T2(Furlong), and the forgettable and retarded version in T3RotM(which may or may not be canon for salvation) played by I-don’t-even-know Dickwad.

Next time Bale gets mad, he should turn to the roots of his franchise and tell the next jerk to “Chill-out, Dickwad”

Anyway I’m out. Hasta la vista.