Bill at TED

I’ll write more about this later but please enjoy.

Technology Entertainment and Design conference or TED has wrapped this weekend. Throughout the year they will release the videos of most of the speakers.  They posted a good one first, Its Bill Gates, and he always has good things to talk about.

Sorry I can’t embed the video but links here:

Bill’s 18 minute lecture

Q&A with TED bigshot  Chris Anderson

Id like to add that is through people like Gates and other enterprising people that the worlds problems will be solved. Not by large government spending and mismanagement.

Update: I promised I would write a little more.

Well if you were not interested enough to click through i can jsut tell you what
Gates was talking about. he tackles 2 subjects:

1.  The spread of malaria and the efforts and requirments that need to be underway to whipe it off the face of the planet.

2. The need to better education by devising a system to reward the best teachers, and pass those succesful methods on to others.

The second link is a post talk interview with Chris Anderson who I guess runs TED and usualy hogs the best presenters to himself for an extra 10 minutes of their time in order to discuss questions he or others have toward them. Of course as high profile as Bill is its obvious Anderson would get his hooks into him.

I highly recomend this talk , as it shows how free enterprise and free minds will take care of the worlds less fortunate, in contrast to what socialist-eco-commies would tell you.

Over all I love TED and have been a fan for over a year now. Most talks , with exeption to Gore’s, arnt bandwagon jumping, and they open your eyes to science, invention, philosophies and interesting or entertaining stories. As they say Ideas Worth Spreading.