Spend money- “Save” Jerbs

Very quick post today. I just wanted to forward a good read.

2 main things I wanted to point out.

Besides the fact that the number of jerbs Rabadt DeLama is promising to “save” has skyrocketed from 1-2million to 3-4, some other things are quite interesting about the Obamailout (that would be Obama Bailout for those of you not on my wavelength)

Despite trying to save jobs by spending the most money in sectors that need it. (Which wouldn’t work anyway) Alot of the bill’s funding is going to government jobs.

Also, in regards to a paper by Mark Zandi , Alan Reynolds (Wall Street Journal) writes

Mr. Zandi’s current estimates have government employment growing by 330,400 over two years as a result of the House bill (compared with 244,000 in Bernstein-Romer paper). Yet even that updated figure still amounts to only 8.3% of total jobs added, even though state and local governments are to receive 39% of the funds ($214.5 billion). Spending $214.5 billion to create or save 330,400 government jobs implies that taxpayers are being asked to spend $646,214 per job.

Say what? $646,214 per job? That’s what it amount to a quarter of the bill going toward growing the government?  More criminals stealing your money, and getting into your business and your home, while flushing tax dollars down the proverbial toilet. You do know this is money we will never see back? Add another Tax Bracket! That will be another piece of skin off our back.  These government jobs will never ever ever go way, they are about as solid and secure as the Canadian Shield, and the US Taxpayer will be paying for it the rest of their lives.

Oh my I seem to have digressed a little.  I get that way when we head farther away from the light of lady liberty.  This brings me to a discussion about the apparent waste of spending the GOP have pointed out earlier this week.

If you ask me only a few things there seemed like they would have any positive residual effect on the economy. If that’s just a list of what politicians think is waste, I wonder what the rest of the spending looks like, I’m sure I could point out a few other fun things of note.

My favourite from this list is $448 Million construction of the Homeland Security HQ. DHS, an already wasteful branch of the government (not Bush’s brightest moment). They already have that department; it’s called DO fucking D! Please tell me why it costs half a billion dollars to construct an office building.  Is it the Pentagon 2.0? Maybe it’s a hexagon.

No wait I change my mind my favourite is the $248 million it costs to furnish the new DHS Octagon. Can’t you buy your desks and tables at Staples?  Who did the quote Brian Gluckstein? (I kid, I love Brian. He is a wonderful example of a successful gay capitalist) Or maybe a better question is, who is getting the skim off money? And which mobster is getting the no-show contract?

I could bitch on forever, so I will stop. I just have to pimp one more thing. (Entertain your selves’ damnit after all this ranting, also Update My friend Chris on: Ashly Judd)

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go look for a secure government job that pays well, I heard there are a few opening south of the border. Now, whose dick do you have to suck to get one of those? Just point me toward the line.