Movie Review: Push

Sunday was funday and i went to a movie. Pretty much nothing appealed to me or my buddy Chris, but we both agreed Push looked interesting and we gave it a shot.

I rather enjoyed it. Push isn’t a great movie, but it is a good movie. Its shot low budget and has minimal special effects. I am glad that the movie doesn’t rely on effects of flashy shots to help itself along. It has pretty good writing and interesting characters and ideas. It is a twist on the superhero genre. It is more of rebellion film, with a small group racing for their lives from a US government agency(the evil kind) an a Hong Kong cartel.

Everyone has some sort of psychic powers and labeled based on ability. Movers can manipulate objects like telekinesis, Pushers control people by pushing thoughts and memories into their minds, Watchers see and predict the future, Bleeders(who i think should be called screamers) yell at a pitch that shatters and shakes the surroundings as well as makes peoples head bleed. Sniffers smell objects and can see events that happened near the object, and can track people with clues from those smells as well as the traces people leave. Shadows can hide people and objects from detection from sniffers and to a degree from Watchers. Shifters can manipulate the form of objects for a short amount of time. Stichers can heal or destroy people’s health, and Whipers can erase peoples memories.

It is all very interesting, and the story centers around trying to find a case with an experimental drug used on the psycics.

Dakota Fanning is actually quite good as a young, motivated Watcher.  She sends Chris Evens’s character on the adventure to begin with.

Its full of interesting style action, almost B movie in style, nut the whole film is picked up by good acting by unknowns, and good writing.  The movie isn’t perfect but it is a must watch.

So that’s a little short blurb. maybe I’ll choose to write more.

Stay tuned for my Watchmen review. it will probably be much more in depth.