I just wanted to write about Franscrollow. Baratunde Thurston coined the term which is an amalgamation of Friend+Fan+Subscribe+Follow.  There are so many ways to track favorite people!! Which do you do, or what word do you use to refer? Well Franscrollow is the solution.

I want to thank @Leolaporte, Brian (@schwood), @Baratunde and @Veronica for a great TWiT this week.  Time very well spent.

I must say I am with Brian on the Net Neutrality issue, Yes we need the net to be free of monopolistic or unfair controls, but its worse if the government is regulating it. All they need is one issue to shoehorn their way in and we will be forever lost to worse and worse regulation. The net as it stands is functioning beautifully and beyond expectation. The hive mind I love thee. We should apply anti-competitive laws as they stand , on a case by case basis, and not have some broad restrictive overarching laws with unintended consequences, like all other laws bring.  Anyhoo, Franscrollow me on twitter @Mr_GRE3N

PS Google returns no searches for Franscrollow.NOTE:Nevermind I typed it in wrong.

Update:2 Dudes, not a flood of hits(3 as of writing) but Google ‘Franscrollow’. Also when I tweeted about it @baratunde congratulated me on my non-accomplishment. There would be no post without you Mr Thurston, thank you. I wish you (and Brian for that matter) could be on TWiT every week.

Maybe now it will and I’ll get traffic for this blog. I’ll start writing here again , I promise, Just need to talk about some favorite things. Cooking some Ideas. And to anyone new, a lot of my posts drip in sarcasm that I assume comes across to make my points. (I try to make it obvious when I’m using it, none in this post.. its ok you are safe)