Who’s Watching the Wacthmen?…I am.

I’ve been anticipating the Watchmen film for about a year now. I must admit I haven’t always been aware of the graphic novel, but with some of the swirlings around Dark Knight last year, I started to dabble in them. I started with The Killing Joke as I had heard that Nolan and his writing team took alot of Moore‘s themes from that book. After hearing alot of praise for watchmen, and seeing the trailer for the film at Dark Knight -Imax Experience, I decided then that it should be my next foray into the format.  I absolutely loved Watchmen, as it appeals to the intellectual, it isn’t your typical hero story. As someone that doesn’t remember the cold war, it finally brought home how it must have felt, like no other movie or book I’ve ever read could before.  I’m super excited to see this film, I really think its possible they could have pulled it off.

Here is the trailer.

I’ll have my review tonight or tomorrow. Until then, I’ll see you soon.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


The Keene Act

Great promotional video for “Watchmen”. I just wanted to pass this along, i’m sure there might be some inconsistencies that nerds will find, but I loved it.

Enjoy, and do yourself a favor, go out and buy Watchmen, you can find it anywhere now, don’t be cheep.  Its fantastic and a Hugo award winner.

PS: don’t forget my other post of the day.