Hello world!

Hello World.

I would like to thank wordpress for choosing the title of my first post.  I’m not sure I could have thought of anything more fitting.  A tradition of a new computer language, printing its first words “Hello World” it’s all so whimsical to me. It’s fitting as I’ve already said, and the phrase speaks volumes.  To all of you on the ‘tubes, the ‘nets, the ‘webs , I have this to say.

Hello World.

Check out my ‘about’ page for a little about me. It’s all quite general and fundamental, so a little more insights about me might be in order.

At the moment my political affiliations ( non official of course) are: Canadian, conservatives, American: independent( well libertarian party if I had to choose) , Rest of the world…who cares?

But why start off so dry? I guess to get the boring things out of the way early.  I’m a guy that enjoys the simple things in life.  Friends, family, food, fff….drinks! (Doesn’t start with an F dang…) i guess those are fundamentals, but what about… Relaxation, TV, movies, reading, video gaming. I imagine you must picture 300 pound beefcake at the moment, I assure you I’m not, but I still hate the outdoors…mostly.

I grew up with relaxing summers at a cottage. I grew up with Disney’s afternoon cartoon line-up, Ghostbusters (well the Real ones), Jurassic park, Teenage mutant ninja turtles, and Batman on the screen and in the toy box.  The countless hours with my brother, the awesome parents I have, all this and more have shaped my cultural tastes.  I’ve taken a liking to anime sometimes, recently peaked interest comics based on upcoming and current films namely “The Killing Joke” and ”Watchmen”.  I play games on Xbox, and anything else I can get my hands on for an afternoon.

Oh yeah I’m in university too. But that seems like more of an aside. I suppose it shapes my future self.

What is currently on my mind?

Well a bus strike that’s about to end, who’s greedy participants will now try and scrounge as much of a non deserved raise out of the city as they can.

A series of worldwide bailouts that will result in huge governments spanning the globes, government deficits ballooning, and the threat of 1930’s 2.0 style protectionism , all threatening to make the rest of my life hell, despite the cheery early outlook of the 21st century.

Also a pot-pouri of stories concerning “do-gooders” fighting for political correctness, governments invading privacy or being general dicks, in the name of the “environment” or “security”  Will plasma TVs really melt the icecaps?

Well I hope you enjoyed that brief introduction.  I will always end my posts with some sort of smart or sarcastic quip. (‘Gimmie a break’ will be used alot) Again, I hope you enjoy you’re stay. Good night and good luck, with love from me to my fellow man, I say once again “Hello World” and “Good day”; and if you don’t and wish to silence me well you will have to pry this blog

From my cold dead hands.